2015 FAStech Cup Results

The Golden Eagles of Clarion University in PA took first place in the second annual FAStech Cup MoneyGuidePro financial planning competition! John Owens, Chelsea Zola, and Zack Horner created Golden Eagle Financial for the competition, and their team’s goal of helping people feel confident about their financial future was evident in all areas of their work. The team was able to edge past the other universities by excelling in all four parts of the competition. Their website was very composed and they made sure to hit all the little details such as handling their social media outlets as well as addressing disclosure information. They also put together an excellent and thoughtful Financial Goal Plan in MoneyGuidePro that hit all of the major notes. John, Chelsea, and Zack really showed their abilities when it came time to present the plan and then finally to answer the clients’ questions at T3.

All three judges agreed that their presentation skills were a level above the rest, and they intuitively picked up on the clients’ concerns even before they were raised. The Clarion team displayed the utmost confidence in their work, and the judges’ scores reflected that little something extra. For their efforts, they’ll receive a $5,000 scholarship for their program and their names will be engraved on the FAStech Cup itself which will stay at Clarion University on display until next year’s competition.

The trio of Hannah Szarszewski, Leo O’Connor, and Gilbert Macias from Texas Tech University had one of the strongest websites in the entire competition. Gateway Financial brought a very creative approach to their industry knowledge video blog using professional-level concept illustration (literally). The judges were so delighted with the videos that they showed them off during the FAStech Cup awards presentation general session at T3. Their site also included thoughtful touches like social media links, client portal login, appointment scheduling, and even a JoinMe button to facilitate client engagement over the web. Naturally, Hannah, Leo, and Gilbert also created a strong financial plan and their presentations and they put their clients at ease during the Q&A. Their 2nd place overall results in a $3,000 scholarship for the program.

TTU’s Quiz Bowl team consisting of Shelby Huber, Ryland Stevens, and Isaac Rodd overtook UVU during the final question for 1st place!

Utah Valley University placed 3rd overall, but that result is just a testament to the level of competition because they were also very strong in all areas. Mark Whitaker, Jenie Connors, and Brad Perkins created Sage Wealth Management for the MoneyGuidePro planning competition. Sage had exceptional branding and they even created their own system for helping clients develop along the path to financial wellness. The team really stood out in the client Q&A part at T3 in Dallas with their creative use of technology. They took a page right out of the MGP playbook and handed the clients an iPad with the MoneyGuidePro portal already loaded up in Snapshot mode. This approach really made for a more relaxed and engaging environment for the client meeting. They’ll head back to UVU with a $2,000 scholarship for their program.

In the FAStech Quiz Bowl, Rowdy Hakes subbed for Brad and they ended up in 2nd during the final round having led for much of the day.

Honorable Mentions