First Place: William Paterson University of New Jersey

Financial Planning students Alex Vaccarella, Guiseppe Roveccio, and Michael Cerone took first place overall in both the FAStech Cup Showcase and Quiz Bowl Competitions, securing $5,000 for their program as well as iPad Airs for themselves and their academic advisor, Dr. Lukas Dean. The website they created for their fictitious firm, Pioneer RIA, was so well-designed and executed that upon first glance we knew they were a force to be reckoned with at T3. Using FAStech partner softwares Redtail, Orion, and MoneyGuidePro, they also created the best overall Financial Goal Plan based on our competition case study. The three seniors at WPUNJ had an uncanny ability to read between the lines when interpreting the goals and concerns of our hypothetical client family, and they proved their clear understanding of that plan in their video presentation and face-to-face interview with the clients.

Contact: Dr. Lukas Dean

2nd Place: San Diego State University

Out in Anaheim, the “almost local” team from San Diego State University of Brandon Tucker, Lucas Penshorn, and Vernon Eberly took 2nd overall in the Showcase Competition by delivering a strong performance in every key area. The three students were exemplary in their industry insight video blogs, and their RIA firm, Auxilium Advisors, achieved the second highest scores overall in the Financial Goal Plan portion. They showed their expertise in more than just advisor technology during their video presentation to the clients where they showed their professional poise and communication abilities.

Contact: Dr. Tom Warschauer

3rd Place: Texas Tech University

Texas Tech’s PFP program is well known throughout the industry as a leader, and the TTU FAStech Cup team of Bryan Hasling, Clay Ranck, and Jared Neven led the field of competitors with their excellent video presentation of the MoneyGuidePro client plan. The team also received huge accolades for their creativity with their “Our Process” video on the Vantage Point Wealth website. The judges loved it so much that they played it for the audience during the FAStech Cup Awards general session at T3! TTU’s specialized Quiz Bowl team consisting of Hannah Szarszewski, Omar Roman, and Shelby Huber took home 3rd place overall and won some great technology prizes for themselves and professor Mulholland.

Contact: Barry Mulholland

Honorable Mentions (in alphabetical order):

Clarion University of Pennsylvania: Clarion University’s team of Alex Dougherty, Darlene Doubet, and Jennifer Garing quickly went from dark horse to intimidating contender at the FAStech Cup Quiz Bowl when the won the first preliminary round to open up the Competition. They showed that the victory was no fluke when they took 2nd place overall in the Quiz Bowl finals. They also taught the judges a thing or two about client-facing education possibilities on their website using their innovative news section which was featured at our T3 general session.

Contact: Dr. Jeff Eicher

Texas A&M University: Andrew Edwards, Henry Lande, and Mariel Braun were highly competitive in all key areas of the Showcase as well as the Quiz Bowl, but the judges especially liked how they formatted their industry insight video blog like a radio call-in show. The Aggies and their firm, BEL Financial, proved that Texas is a real hotbed of financial planning talent, and we should all be paying attention to their program.

Contact: Dr. Nathan Harness

Utah Valley University: The team from Utah Valley comprised of Alex Call, Alex Haviland, and Ben Campbell impressed everyone with their incredibly polished website and digital media content for the Advantage firm. This very creative team even brought in actors to play the part of the clients in their presentation, as well as creating career histories for their advisor personas based on their near-term educational and professional aspirations.

Contact: Dr. Jacob Sybrowsky

Virginia Commonwealth University: Elliott Taylor, Joey Tedeschi, and Patrick Chase were the lone sophomore team that went head to head with a field primarily composed of seniors! The judges loved their creative approach to the client portal and social media content on the TTC Wealth Management site, and their plan presentation format was a page directly taken from MGP’s own Practice Management group’s recommendations for advisors.

Contact: Dr. John McFarland